Swiss credit without Credit Bureau for the self-employed

In Germany, those with poor credit ratings can hardly get a loan from a regular bank. Lending is almost impossible, especially for a self-employed person who also has negative entries in his Credit Bureau. On the one hand the fluctuations in income are the reason, on the other hand the poor creditworthiness. But the self-employed also need credit, the solution can be a Swiss loan without a Credit Bureau for the self-employed.

The Swiss credit without Credit Bureau for the self-employed

The Swiss credit without Credit Bureau for the self-employed

If you have negative characteristics in your Credit Bureau, you will have problems with a loan request from a normal bank. The credit request alone is usually rejected, there is no credit application at all and if it does, it is classified as negative. Credit Bureau information is binding for German banks, regardless of how the entries were made or how high the current monthly income is. For this group of people there is the Swiss credit without Credit Bureau for self-employed.

The credit request is made through a credit intermediary who works with banks abroad, mostly with banks from Switzerland. If the self-employed are rejected by German banks due to their inconsistent income, a Swiss loan can be granted to the self-employed on the same terms as for employees.

However, many lenders require proof of self-employment that has lasted for several years. The number of years varies from bank to bank, sometimes three years, then seven years, others insist on five years of self-employment. The conditions are often made dependent on the years of independence.

What to consider

What to consider

For a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed, it is recommended to involve a credit broker. Not only do these loan brokers have an overview of the market environment, they can also provide loans tailored to the personal needs of a borrower. The choice of loan brokerage should also be taken into account when the financial situation is tight.

If preliminary costs or insurance contracts are requested, these credit intermediaries are not to be called serious and should be avoided. Reputable credit brokerage works on a commission basis, meaning that brokerage fees are only calculated when the money is paid out. A reputable credit broker will also check the creditworthiness of the self-employed. If there is no Credit Bureau query, the creditworthiness is nevertheless examined.

Proof of income is not waived for a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed. But irregular income can create problems that can be solved with additional collateral. Loan amounts are also limited, very rarely exceeding 10,000 dollars.

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