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The best online loans without Credit Bureau

The best online loans without Credit Bureau

Do you have problems with the best online loans without Credit Bureau? So are you going to sign a contract? Also, isn’t your credit quality top quality? Maybe you also have a bad Credit Bureau entry? With the following helpful advice and advice, you can get cheap loans relatively easily and not run into expensive credit traps to get the best online loans without Credit Bureau.

In such a case, the circle of relatives or friends is usually available. However, it is not possible for everyone to request financial help from friends or relatives for “Best Online Credits Without Credit Bureau”. The creditworthiness or a registration with Credit Bureau makes it difficult to get a credit with And in order to get a credit with an ordinary financial institution, on one side the creditworthiness must be correct and on the other the registration with Credit Bureau does not have to be done.

A borrower has a good chance of getting a loan even without credit reports or with poor creditworthiness. A large number of well-known credit institutions are geared towards arranging loans through international financial institutions for companies with negative creditworthiness. The intermediary is primarily active in the search for suitable outside capital at a large domestic or foreign bank.

A reputable credit broker will advise you on the financial offer, show you the advantages and disadvantages and help you prepare the application documents. Due to the cheap contacts that many intermediaries have with small credit institutions, there is a very good chance of having more favorable conditions for the best online loans without Credit Bureau.

Even if a case has little chance of success, it can be negotiated in this regard. In the case of smaller credit institutions, an applicant’s creditworthiness check is still largely carried out by hand, so that the intermediary can, for example, understand a negative entry in the control center. Such a booking is therefore not as important for the credit check as for a large bank, where such a procedure is carried out almost completely.

In contrast, with existing credit institutions, applying for Best Online Loans without Credit Bureau is usually a hopeless project right from the start. Agree Bank and Fine Bank are the best known of online credit intermediaries. There are no fees for arranging loans, neither with us nor with Fine Bank. For the best online loans without Credit Bureau, these two credit institutions are the first point of contact.

If an intermediary is decent, he has a real need to help you get a loan for a best online loan without Credit Bureau. You can identify a serious credit intermediary by the following criteria: You can identify a dubious intermediary by the following criteria: More and more people are receiving loans from foreign financial institutions because they are planning a longer vacation trip, are looking for a new career option or are simply looking for a new mobile one Need vehicle.

Today, many foreign banks offer inexpensive loans online that adapt to the needs of consumers. The disadvantage is that the credit guidelines in Germany are not so strict. With Best Online Credits without Shufa, a negative entry in Shufa or an insufficient credit rating is not so difficult.

Such online loans are usually granted by Swiss credit institutions. This could be an attractive option for borrowers who need a deposit particularly quickly but have already been rejected by a German house bank. Of course, it is precisely this group of people who are particularly hard on the topic of the best online loans without Credit Bureau.

It is often difficult for a person in financial difficulties to obtain a loan.

It is often difficult for a person in financial difficulties to obtain a loan.

People with bad credit or debt in particular need something new. In such a case, a Swiss loan would be a sensible way out. It is a loan from a Swiss financial service provider.

The Credit Bureaus are usually not queried by such credit institutions, which makes loan procurement much easier. It is an invaluable asset when it comes to the best online credit without the involvement of arbitrators. Of course, you cannot even take out a loan from a Swiss institution without checking your creditworthiness, various securities and proof of income. If you are only interested in access to the power of disposal of Credit Bureau, but your creditworthiness is within the scope of the Green Card, the Swiss credit for the best online loans without the power of disposal of Credit Bureau would be real.

What are the best online credits without Credit Bureau about? If the loan is sufficiently adaptable, it will be much less difficult to repay the loan. If a financing option enables all of this, then it is recommended anyway for the best online loans without Credit Bureau. On the other hand, there are a few points that you need to consider so that nothing stands in the way of your loan as an intern, job seeker, employee, student, self-employed or pensioner:

Basically, with due regard to the top issue of the best online loans without Credit Bureau, the expenses incurred should be estimated as precisely as possible from the start. As far as possible, the amount required should not exceed the set limits. If you need a loan, you should correctly assess your economic situation and keep an eye on your own income and expenses – even when it comes to the best online loans without Credit Bureau.

However, such a list is also used to estimate the correct creditworthiness. It is important to be correct, honest and careful with all information about your own financial situation and creditworthiness – especially with the best online loans without Credit Bureau, and with all information about your own financial situation and creditworthiness correct, honest and punctual.

If you follow the advice above and present yourself as a reliable business partner, nothing should stand in the way of your desire for the best online loans without Credit Bureau.

Increase credit bureau – free loan


If you already have a current loan and want to top it up with a Credit Bureau-free loan, it is worth taking a look at the free financial market. In contrast to the house bank, the current loan does not have to be a problem here and serve as the basis for the lower credit rating. If you choose a loan without Credit Bureau information, you can top up your existing loan and get more liquidity without any problems and expenditure of time.

How to proceed with a Credit Bureau-free loan

How to proceed with a Credit Bureau-free loan

The borrower is looking for a cheap offer and does not want to put up with the fact that he wants to add additional costs to the agenda by wanting to buy Credit Bureau-free credit. With favorable interest rates and flexible contractual bases, you make a particularly advantageous decision and have the certainty that the repayment of the loan can be easily changed during the term and adapted to the situations that arise. To apply, no borrower knows whether he will be unemployed or sick within the term, earn more than before and whether he needs or wishes to change the repayment for these or other reasons.

The repayment of the flexible loan can be changed without additional costs, temporarily hours or paid out to the lender earlier than planned without additional fees. Flexibility avoids the way into the debt trap and the problem that the repayment cannot be carried out as contractually agreed. The comparison as a basis draws the focus on offers that are convincingly cheap and are completely geared to the needs of the applicant. Since the comparison online is free and does not require any time, you should not waive the hurry to get a Credit Bureau-free loan and take the risk of making a wrong decision.

Top up collateral for Credit Bureau-free credit

Top up collateral for Credit Bureau-free credit

Since a credit without Credit Bureau information is desired, the sum cannot be secured via the credit rating. This is not a problem in the free financial market, since the variety of collateral accepted creates an opportunity even in difficult situations. If real assets or capital-forming insurance have already been pledged for another loan and therefore cannot be used, the permit can also be obtained promptly with a guarantee.

All you need to know about the bridging loan

bridge loan

Do you want to buy a new property before selling the old one? It is possible and without advancing personal funds, thanks to the real estate bridging loan. So, to know everything and know its characteristics, follow the guide!

house, gold coins and calculator for mortgage loan conceptual


What is bridging loan?

bridging loan?

The bridging loan is by definition a transitional real estate loan which will make it possible to buy before having sold by providing buyers with a partial advance. This advance generally represents 60 to 80% of the value of the property to be sold. So no need to sell in a hurry or sell off your home to have cash quickly.

This formula is, in fact, granted for a relatively short period of time which never exceeds two years.


How is a bridging loan granted?

loan granted

Before being granted this type of credit, your bank will call on a real estate professional who will give a fair estimate of your property, while taking into account the current state of the real estate market and the scarcity of housing.


Dry or back-to-back loan?

back-to-back loan?

You may not know it, but there are two types of bridging loans in this area:

The dry “
It allows you to repay in small monthly payments which often correspond to the interest on the credit. Once the deed of sale has been finalized, you pay off your entire loan once or twice.

The “back-to-back”
It is offered to individuals who, in addition to selling to buy, need to borrow additional funds. The monthly repayments are then “smoothed” and the same amount for the duration of the credit.


What if my old property does not sell?

What if my old property does not sell?

Lack of offer or canceled promise to sell… the most urgent thing is to notify your bank and ask for an extension of the duration of your bridging loan, otherwise you will have to drastically lower the price of your property for sale. But do not panic, most banking establishments offer contract extensions so as not to find themselves in inextricable situations.

And you, have you ever taken out a bridge loan? Were you satisfied with this formula? Tell us about your experience, the blog is there for that!

How to renegotiate your real estate loan?

home loan

Review the rates of your mortgage, it is possible and it is even highly recommended. Here is our manual for a successful negotiation!


This is the time to enjoy


Although experts fear a rise in rates for the end of the year and then in 2017, the month of March turns these certainties upside down with an extremely low credit rate which even reaches a historic result. Supporting figures, mortgage rates are on average around 2.5% for loans over 25 years, 2.1% over 20 years and 1.8% over 15 years.

And the key, you will have understood, great opportunities to save money.


Before getting started, how do you know if this operation is worth it?

home loan

Take the pulse of the market

No negotiation without a thorough knowledge of the rates in force. To do this, you must contact at least three banks. Admittedly, this takes time and if you miss it, you can call on a real estate loan broker experienced in the exercise.


Clearly explain the situation to your banker


On the strength of your research, you are able to find out the situation with your financial organization. Keep in mind that a bank has no interest in losing a customer. So, by having all the cards in hand, your bank will surely try to offer you a competitive rate. In this case, we are talking about negotiation and not about buying back credit, which only concerns moving to competition.


Have a complete file to be operational as quickly as possible

This involves your last three pay slips, your last three account statements to attest to your good financial health. Finally, in some cases, you will also need to complete a new medical questionnaire.


Be ready to change the repayment terms

loan payment

If you are flexible over the term of your loan, this is a good point for you. Because, as we have seen, the faster you repay, the lower the rates.


Change insurance

Systematic in the context of a mortgage, you can also make great savings by renegotiating it. When you meet with other banks, do not be fooled by particularly low rates because without a significant drop in your insurance, the operation may prove to be more disappointing than it seems. Get your calculators!

To terminate a contract, simply inform your bank by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You will then obtain a show of hands from him which you will have to transmit to your former insurer.

And you, have you renegotiated the rate of your loan? Have you made any significant savings? Tell us about your experience, the blog is there for that!

Online Loan for the Self Employed


Such a loan offer cannot be impossible. The direct banks’ instant loans are finally showing the way. For personal loans, it is sufficient to fill out a simple online loan application form. Find an online loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed. An online loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed can be found on the Internet.

Cheap online loans for the self-employed

Cheap online loans for the self-employed

It’s not easy for self-employed people to get a loan. The credit institutions have difficulties with this because in practice, the freelancer usually lacks security. However, there are also a few credit institutions that issue loans to the self-employed. The tariff bank tariff is one of the banks that also offers cheap online loans for the self-employed.

The self-employed and self-employed can also submit a loan to Smart. Financial service providers also provide loans for this specialist group. The bank selection is certainly not that big, but the cheapest one is via a credit calculator in the int. to have. Depending on the fluctuation, the self-employed must either submit their surplus income statement and income tax assessment or even submit their balance sheet in the event of higher fluctuation.

Startups have an even more difficult time because they don’t have current sales figures yet. In cooperation with the commercial bank, Agree Bank grants loans for start-ups. Finding cheap online loans for the self-employed is not necessarily easy, but it is feasible. The most important thing is that the borrower is well equipped to tackle the matter.

Online and branch offices want to see documents about their business activities. You should not be disturbed in a one-on-one interview, because bank clerks often have questions that are not so easy to answer. Anyone applying for an online loan is sure to find it easier.

Self-employed credits – conditions for admission

Self-employed credits - conditions for admission

In contrast to loans for ordinary employees, loans for the self-employed are only granted under strict conditions. The independence of the client is an economic shortcoming for the credit institutions. It has no fixed interest rate level and is shaped by the order situation and the payment behavior of its customers. If the self-employed are bad, they have immediate difficulties in servicing the loan interest.

The credit institutions therefore take a very close look at the self-employed and carry out a detailed risk assessment. If you approve the desired loan anyway, it usually has a relatively short-term and above-average interest rate. The specific requirements for granting loans vary depending on the provider. In this way, the house bank would like to gain an insight into the economic performance of the client.

For a realistic assessment, self-employment must have existed for more than three years; shortened deadlines do not allow a final court judgment and led to the rejection of the loan. With the inclusion of a guarantor in the loan contract, the self-employed can significantly increase their creditworthiness and possibly also get by with lower interest rates.

Cheap loans for the self-employed are not available from traditional branches. Long-term cooperation cannot compensate for the price advantage that direct banks achieve by selling their loans directly via the network. The online banks have much better credit conditions. If you want to borrow even cheaper capital, you should look at a personal loan brokerage platform where the borrower sets the interest rate. However, he must strive to inspire private investors for his project, ie the purpose of the loan.

Tips for a successful loan application

loan application

Many who are considering taking out a loan are faced with the same question: What does it take for a loan application to be approved? If you follow certain basic rules, nothing stands in the way of success. We’ll show you which points to take to heart here – as a video or in text form.

A loan application will not be issued without a thorough entrance examination. Future loan investors want to know exactly who is behind the application and how reliably they can estimate the full repayment of their loan. Ultimately, lenders spend a lot of money without having any direct security. In order to nevertheless achieve a certain degree of security, applicants are subjected to a budget check and a credit check.


Budget check & credit check

credit check

As part of the budget review, the options available to the borrower to settle the monthly installment payment are examined. For this purpose, the monthly income is weighed against the monthly expenses. This review is prescribed by the Swiss Consumer Credit Act and serves to prevent possible over-indebtedness.

The credit check checks the borrower’s intention to make contractually guaranteed loan repayments. For this, mathematical probability models are used, which evaluate the habits in the past. We also consult current debt enforcement information and credit bureaus who have information on payment methods in the past.


Good preparation significantly increases the chances of success

Good preparation significantly increases the chances of success

The better the results of the budget and credit check, the higher the chances of a successful loan request. Good preparation can be crucial here. There are a number of points that, if observed, can have a positive impact on the loan application process and its results.




The total income should be clearly documented. Written wage statements from the employer are used for this. The same applies to any additional earnings. Keep these documents handy.

Sum up all existing income in your loan application. Married applicants or applicants living in a registered partnership can also specify the other person’s income, increasing the countable income without having to include the second person in the contract.


Payment Practices

Reliable debt repayment also improves your chance of getting a personal loan. Pay your financial liabilities, such as your credit card bill, reliably. Also ask the issuer of the credit or payment card that open arrears codes in the central credit databases will be deleted after you have met your obligations.


The right time

loan application

Make the loan request while you are in a permanent employment relationship and not after giving notice of termination.

Loan providers usually have the claim that borrowers have been in permanent employment for at least three months. Therefore, only submit your loan application after the trial period has ended. If this ends three months ago, request confirmation from your employer.

All negative credit inquiries have a negative impact on further inquiries, also from other credit providers. In the event of a negative answer, therefore, wait at least 6 months before placing another credit request.


Generally important

Credit providers reward consistency in credit checks. This is also shown by the time spent at the current place of residence. For immigrants, the total length of stay in Switzerland is also an important factor for the success of a loan application.

The more contact options you offer, the better. The lender appreciates receiving your personal and business contact information from you. Of course, this includes telephone and mobile phone numbers as well as email addresses.

Loans that have already been paid off have a positive effect on your creditworthiness. A reasonable use of money in the past is viewed positively, but a rather negligent use is viewed very negatively.

In addition, a reputable loan provider is required. Make inquiries before wasting time and possibly money on the wrong partner. Your credit rating will otherwise suffer unnecessarily from rejected loan applications.

Credit Bureau free loan with no upfront costs

Credit Bureau-free is a loan if the lender neither obtains Credit Bureau information before the loan approval nor reports the loan to the credit protection association. Preliminary costs are fees that a credit intermediary charges for the commencement of its brokering work.

These fundamentally contradict the applicable legal situation, since an agency fee is only permitted if the loan has actually been granted. A comparable regulation concerns processing fees from financial institutions, which may also only be invoiced when a loan is paid out and not when a loan application is rejected.

Are there Credit Bureau-free loans in Germany?

Are there Credit Bureau-free loans in Germany?

A Credit Bureau-free loan with no upfront costs cannot be taken out at a German financial institution, as it will always make a credit check. Loans borrowed privately from friends or from the employer are of course not reported to Credit Bureau. The loaning of an existing pension insurance contract from the insurance company is also not relevant for Credit Bureau, since this loan is actually paid out of the customer’s assets. Another way to get a Credit Bureau-free loan without any upfront costs is to go to the pawnshop, which is suitable for small sums and short terms.

Credit Bureau-free loans from Switzerland

Credit Bureau-free loans from Switzerland

A Credit Bureau-free loan without advance costs is granted by Swiss and Liechtenstein financial institutions. If the borrower submits the loan application directly to the bank, the bank only calculates the loan interest and, depending on its terms and conditions, a processing fee if it actually pays the desired loan. The amount of the loan is usually limited to $ 3500 when applying directly from a Liechtenstein or Swiss bank. In addition, only employees and no freelancers or the self-employed receive the direct loan.

If the loan application is submitted through an intermediary, a Credit Bureau-free loan can be taken out without any upfront costs, even through a higher amount, and by self-employed or freelancers. Before commissioning a credit brokerage, consumers make sure that they do not charge any upfront costs in accordance with the statutory provisions, but only the legitimate commission after a successful brokerage.

A Credit Bureau-free loan from Switzerland or Liechtenstein with no upfront costs is paid out and repaid in dollars so that there is no additional currency risk. Although it is not reported to Credit Bureau, it is reported to the Swiss Credit Protection Institute, with which credit applicants living in Germany are generally not yet registered.

Christmas is the time of giving – how to get the high credit card interest under control

credit loan

“Oh you happy, oh you blessed, merciful Christmas time” says the song – but often after the festival there is great disillusionment. That is when the credit card bill flutters into the house. What to do if the joy of giving suddenly becomes an unpleasant financial burden and the card interest threatens to gain the upper hand?

For many, having their own credit card has a touch of an upscale lifestyle. After all, you can pay with “your good name”, at least that’s what the common advertisements make you believe. Unfortunately, the “convenient” payment quickly turns into a less comfortable fault. Many simply do not know what they are getting into and how high the credit card interest rates really are.

Especially during Christmas, the seduction is great: you quickly forget whether the “ease” of paying, how much you actually spend on the wonderful gifts.


The pitfalls of high card limits and interest on debt

credit card

With many providers, the card limits granted are quickly three times the monthly income. In addition, there are interest rates of up to 12% pa on the open amounts. In combination, very large amounts of debt can come together with considerable interest charges. If the amount owed cannot be paid in full at the end of the month, the trap snaps in the form of interest. The amount owed rises continuously and it often takes a long time to pay off the total debt in installments.


Bad awakening – when interest spoils the fun

Bad awakening - when interest spoils the fun

Credit card holders often pay too little attention to billing at the end of the month. Unfortunately, this also applies to the terms and conditions of card issuers. There are in fact buffeted regulations: For example, the interest is often offset against the total amount and not against the remaining amount owed and does not begin, as assumed at the time of settlement, but already on the transaction date.

In short: In the end, the use of the credit card only serves the additional return of the card issuer and makes the already high interest rates more expensive due to the hidden additional costs. When viewed soberly, the maximum permitted credit card interest of 12% is exhausted by the sometimes confusing detailed calculations in the terms and conditions of the publishers.


Fair conditions and low interest rates 

low interest rates

Is there a way out of such situations or are you forced to pay excess credit card interest for a long time and reward them with extra fees? Yes, there is a way out: debt rescheduling through a simple refinancing loan with fixed terms and fixed monthly costs as well as a massively lower interest rate.

By refinancing via a personal loan, you can settle the outstanding debt at the card institute in one fell swoop. This way you avoid the high debt interest and can actually work on paying off your debts. With specialists like Agree Bank you get significantly lower loan interest and can use professional and transparent advice to develop a loan offer that meets your needs. This means that your monthly interest charges can be almost halved within a very short time, at fixed amounts, calculable terms and finally without any other incalculable surprises. Always with the aim that you are debt-free as quickly and easily as possible!

Loans from family members or friends

family loans

Loans from family members or friends are popular. They often offer better conditions due to the personal relationship. But that is precisely the challenge. So that a loan from family or friends does not end in a dispute, it is advisable to observe a few, but important points.

In the event of a liquidity bottleneck or an upcoming investment, the family or friends are often asked for financial aid first. Such loans are very widespread, be it to finance basic and further training, the renovation or furnishing of a property or the purchase of a new car . The conditions of such personal loans are often better – after all, you know each other and are well-disposed. The loan from a well-known person often leaves you feeling better.


Despite the lack of regulations – written agreements are worthwhile

Despite the lack of regulations - written agreements are worthwhile

In addition, there are no special formal requirements for such loans . The general norms of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) apply. This simplifies the process of taking out a loan from family members or friends. And yet it is advisable to note a few points. So that the loan does not eventually burden the relationship with the family or friends.

Because even such a loan always involves certain risks. Both your own professional and private situation, as well as that of the lender, may change. What happens if the debtor can no longer pay the installments or can only pay them late? What to do if the creditor wants or has to get her money back early? Such and a few other questions can be settled by contract before taking out or paying out a loan. A written contract creates clarity and thus security – for all parties.


Tax benefits through a written contract

Tax benefits through a written contract

A written loan agreement also enables the debtors to deduct the loan interest from their income in the tax bill. To do this, however, the loan interest must be documented in writing, i.e. contractually. An oral agreement is not sufficient here.

In addition to the interest on the loan, a written loan contract can also specify the amount of the loan, the purpose, the repayment modalities, the duration of the contract and other collateral. There is a possible contract template here . So that the loan is a positive experience for everyone involved and does not lead to the next argument.